The rules laid down in this document (Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as TC) purchase of the ticket to the ticket holder accepts and considers itself bound in general, as well as through participation in this event. The transfer of the ticket and payment of compensation for the ticket by event organizers, the parties shall enter into a contractual relationship with each other.

Tickets and ticket sales

The electronic ticket purchase: online ticket purchase available via the event website. After entering the required data gets entered by the visitor an email notification will be sent to the buyer with all the options of how to complete the payment and receiving the ticket)s).

Buy tickets in person: the organizers provide details on their website how to pick up ticket(s) in person which hours and location which will be provided furhter via email after the specific booking request made on the event website.

The E-Ticket(s) purchased for a one entry to the event. A visitor admission ticket is required to be presented upon entry and keep all the way to the end of the event.
Within each sectors there is specific place where You booked your ticket, so regardless the time of your arrival is yours!
This E-Ticket is your entry pass for the event. The serial # and bar code contains all your data regarding your order. This bar code going to be checked electronically at the gate. Gate opens from 6:00PM.

Please do not make or allowed to anyone to copy of your ticket in any case! The bar code scanner does not see any difference between your original or any copied version, therefore always the VERY FIRST scanned one going to be the valid one! Therefore all the other version with the same code going to be invalid!

Rules of conduct, policies and security measures

The event visitor is obliged to observe the house rules and safety regulations of the institution.
Everyone shall visit the event at your own risk.
The organizers will do everything to ensure the safe running of the event, but not take any responsibility for any damages caused by the irresponsible attitude of the visitors.

There is absoloutely not allowing to bring any of the following items; glass bottles, umbrellas, any weapon, chain, sword, cutting, or explosive device or other object considered dangerous by the police.

A person under the influence of alcohol or drugs can not visit the event even if owns a valid ticket to the event. In such case the oranizers not responsible to any compensation.

Video and audio recording

During the event, video and audio recordings are not allowed!
The event visitor notes that during the event a picture or/and sound recording can be made, which may your face, or shape could be shown. In such case the visitors agrees that no claim of any kind to the organizers is legitimate.

The date and venue change, the lack of events

The event organizers reserve the right to make changes in date and location. If the date and / or location change occurs, the tickets to the new location and / or date applies under the provisions of the Terms and Regulations. The event date and / or location change shall be published on the organizer’s website and the event’s Facebook site also.

In the absence of the event, the tickets provided by the event organizers will be redeemed. The details of the redemption will be published on the organizer’s website. In addition to ticket price of any other claim or claims for compensation can not oppose to the event organizers.

Anuy other cases, exchange and redeem the ticket is not accepted.

Data protection provisions

Your personal information, - data which got collected during the purchase of your tickets - we follow the Data Protecton Act (2011.CXII), it is confidential and only used by our event promotional purpose and never shared with a third party.