Terms and Conditions

By purchasing the ticket(s), the ticket holder agrees to and accepts to be bound by the rules set forth in the present document (Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as T&C), either generally or during participating in the event. By paying the purchase price of the ticket(s) and by delivering the ticket(s) to the customer the parties shall enter into a contractual relationship with each other.

Entrance tickets and ticket purchase

Electronic ticket: online ticket purchase is available on the website of the event. After providing the required data an email notification with all the necessary information concerning ticket purchase and delivery/pickup is sent to the email address indicated by the visitor.

Personal ticket purchase: the organizers provide opportunity to personally purchase and pick up the ticket(s) at the hours and location set forth on the website of the event. Further conditions will be provided in the email notification sent after the booking.

The ticket(s) purchased is/are valid for a single entry to the event. Visitors are obliged to present their entrance tickets upon entry and to keep it for the duration of the event.
The purchased ticket(s) is/are not valid for one specific seat within the sectors; seat reservation takes place on a “first come first served” basis from 6:30 pm.
Ticket(s) shall not be photocopied or otherwise reproduced, because procedure will be opened against counterfeiters and against the person who is in possession of a counterfeit ticket.
The lost, destroyed or damaged entrance tickets cannot be exchanged or replaced.

Code of conduct, policy and security measurements

Visitors are obliged to observe the policy and safety measurements of the establishment.
Everyone shall visit the event on his/her sole responsibility.
The organizers shall do everything to ensure the safe running of the event, but they do not accept any responsibility of liability for damages arising from the irresponsible attitude of the visitors.

It is absolutely prohibited to take any of the following items into the location of the event: glasses, bottles, umbrellas, and any weapons, chains, cutting and piercing instruments or explosive devices, or any other objects considered dangerous by the police.

A person under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot visit the event even if he/she has a valid entrance ticket. In such cases the organizers shall not be liable for any compensation.

Video and audio recording

It is absolutely prohibited to make any video and audio recordings during the event!
The event visitor takes notice of the fact that video or/and sound recordings can be made during the event, on which any of the visitors could be shown. Visitors agree that in such cases they shall not make any claims towards the organizers, the person who made the recording or the legitimate user of the recording.

Change of date and location, cancellation of the event

The organizers reserve the right to change the date and location of the event. If such date and/or location change occurs, the tickets are valid for the new location and/or date as per the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. The date and/or location change of the event shall also be published on the organizer’s website and the event’s Facebook site.

If the event is cancelled, the tickets can be redeemed at the location indicated by the organizer with a term of preclusion. The details of the redemption will be published on the event’s website. In addition to the ticket price, visitors shall not make any claims towards, or shall not seek compensation for damages from the organizers.

Exchange and redeem of the tickets is not accepted in any other cases.

Data protection provisions

Any personal information and data submitted by the visitor during the ticket purchase shall be kept confidential as per the Privacy Act (2011.CXII), shall only be used for the Organizer’s event promotional purpose and shall not be disclosed to a third party.